irishwarriorWarrior Poet
Written by Noreen O'More
On a clear and cold winter’s night, upon his gallant steed he crosses the snow covered plains which lead into the forest, the voice in the night speaks to him, upon the midnight wind. What he seeks lies in the glen.

Riding onward through the cold and dark of night, at this moment, like always his thoughts are with his princess. For a lifetime he has searched for her, yet now that he has found her there is so little time.

If one is lucky just once in this quintessence of dust called life, god will smile upon you and set forth a gift, a rare and precious flower, wild and free of spirit. He closed his eyes so that he may be entranced in the depth of her sparkling eyes. To feel the warmth of the summer sun in her smile and hear the song of the nightingale upon her voice, such treasures are to live and die for.

Riding through the forest he now nears the glen, entering the glen, he see’s the sign he has sought this night. Perhaps God has smiled upon his path again, shrouded in the moonlight, in all of it’s wonder, out of the snow covered ground stands one solitary red rose. Basking in the beauty of this miracle of creation, with one gloved hand he brushes away a tear from his cheek. “Know this dear lady, my thoughts be with you, and when you lay your head to sleep, I send flights of angels to sing thee to thy rest”. Setting free his trusted mount, smiling, he lies down upon the frozen earth, his sword by his side, for it is here that he remains in the warmth of the rose in hope she will return to him, upon the midnight wind.