A poem to gently remind us all of the spirit that should be the upcoming holiday season.


Christmas in my mind

By Larry Maher

It comes each year, this wave of fear,
Marketing hoopla, and plastic cheer.
Even before the pumpkins have rot
Out come the sales, ready or not.

A decision made for my mankind
To return to Christmas in my mind
No need to impress with glittering lights,
No insecurities, no disagreeable fights.

No pushing or shoving in aisles of mean,
No credit maxed for the perfect machine.
Avoiding the need rushing to the mail,
Caring rather that love should prevail.

Love for the ones who mean the most,
Including the Father, Son & Holy Ghost
I retreat to a place quiet and serene,
Lacking the hype of the retail scene.

Surrounded by love of all that I see
Wrapped in the feeling, secure I will be
The gift of love is under the tree
Abundant for all, I know it will be

Hoping the feelings last year through
Hoping my dreams will all come true
This holiday in my head is not just lies
It’s just not there when I open my eyes

But someday soon, it may come to be
Like the stars, the clouds and even the sea
Here’s hoping the future leads you to find
A reality with, Christmas in your mind